Friday, 28 October 2016

POSTER's for Jack & Jill Foundation

Friday 28th Oct.

As mentioned in class today (2nd years) I need 6-7 posters on A3 size paper made for the Jack & Jill Foundation Lego collection.

These posters will then be stuck onto large boxes/containers placed around the school to encourage everyone to donate their old/leftover or un-used lego.  Your poster's should be colourful, eye-catching and creative.

Deadline to hand poster's up: (to art room) is Monday 9th Nov. Please give to Miss Mc Daid in the art room, with your name & the date on the BACK of your poster.

What need's to be on the poster:

Jack & Jill Foundation 

Lego Collection 

Please donate your lego 

(you can use the Jack & Jill logo, below if you like)

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