Monday, 3 October 2016

Junior Cert Project Themes '16

Monday 3rd Oct:

Those of you that I saw today, who got your exam paper please go through the following themes, brainstorm & research it and bring in some ideas/research work for Tuesday 4th Oct. double class - Everyone else will get their paper tomorrow if I didn't see you today. Could you all have a read through the following themes below:


1) I'd like to be able to do that!

2) On my way home from school

3) Absurd and ridiculous

4) Grow to eat

5) Water, the source of life

6) Poem: Digging ( See poem on exam paper)

Choose one theme, brainstorm & research for Tuesday's class.  Bring in any imagery, photos, saved images to ipods for this research class also.

The deadline for the first prep sheet: Thursday 27th Oct 

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