Wednesday, 5 October 2016

3rd Year Art:

Tuesday 4th Oct:

Well done on the research class yesterday discussing the new J.Cert project themes, there are some excellent & very exciting ideas so far - I know it is overwhelming at the beginning but you have all done so well so far & I have no doubt the next stage of work will be excellent..... As for the next step - it is to research your theme/idea thoroughly, collect imagery, objects, take photos, research artists, bring in any materials, papers/fabrics etc that you have been collecting, in order to progress to the next stage which is to start making work for the prep sheet.

On Thursday I talk to you all individually again about your themes & ideas.  Please finish off the large A2 sheet we started on Tuesdays class researching ideas for the 8 stages of the project.

  • Bring all images, research and any drawings/paintings you started with you on class on Thursday. 
  • Prep. sheet for painting (no.1) is due in 27th Oct (just before your midterm)

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