Monday, 29 August 2016

Welcome back!!!

Welcome back everyone!

REMINDERS for the first week back to school:

First Years:
Please bring a pencil case with pencils, rubber, set of colouring pencils & a ruler to each TASTER CLASS. 
There is NO need to buy any art supplies such as an art pad, drawing pencils etc until you have chosen which subject from the tasters that you are going to choose.  If however you already know you would like to keep art on, then you will need an A2 sketch pad (available in all art shops), 2B, 4B & 6B drawing pencils (it will say it on the end of the pencil) and a set of colouring pencils.
Please arrive to class ON TIME, line up outside the door before entering & NO jackets, bottles of water, headphones, mobile phones allowed inside the art room.  You MAY if given permission by the art teacher be allowed to use your Ipad for certain projects.  I will go through all of the art classroom rules with you on the first week. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Second Years:
Please do not come empty handed on the first week back to art class! Everyone should bring an A2 sketch pad, please use any left over sheets from your folder last year or if it was used up you will need to buy a new A2 art pad (no A4 or A3), bring your colouring pencils, drawing pencils and art folder with ALL of your art supplies from last year with you to every art class.
We will be starting a new project straight away so you need to come to class prepared and do not forget your equipment!

Third Years:
Please bring your A2 art pad, folder, drawing pencils, colouring pencils & all of your art supplies from last year.  If your A2 art pad is finished then you do need to buy a new one,  I will not have paper to give out to students this year so you all need to have your art pads with you to every art class.  You will be starting your junior cert. project this year, a very important exam so it is vital that you are prepared, on time and ready from day one!

T.Y Art:
I will be supplying all art supplies and materials.  All I ask is that you bring a pencil case with pencils, rubbers, ruler with you to every art class on Thursday.  You will be starting off working on backdrops, props' and artwork for the school musical which starts in November.

5th Year:
Please bring your A2 art pad, (get a new one if you have to) your art supplies, paint sets, colouring pencils, watercolours, chalks, pastels, correct drawing pencils (2b, 4b, 5b, 6b) - you will find all locally or in any art shop.  As you will be starting art history this year you will need an A4 size hardback copy for notes, A homework copy (for exam paper questions and homework questions) & a folder with sections for IRISH, EUROPEAN & ART APPRECIATION, get a folder with clear sleeves if possible and plenty of room.  Please come to class prepared and on time and bring your Ipad with you if you have one as it will come in useful for research purposes.

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