Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Leaving Cert. Art - HOMEWORK

Wed. 6th April

Following on from todays class where we discussed LETTERING/ TEXT design.  I want you to design the 3 letters below under each theme.... Be careful that your lettering designs are well constructed, not free hand, use ruler where needed, finished to a high standard & coloured or painted in.  This has to be done for tomorrows double class.  Please do it in your A2 or A3 sketch pad.

A - Theme is TIME
C- Theme is VINTAGE

REMINDER:  It is vital that you bring in your EASTER WORK on Thursday the 7th also - Very disappointing that I have to ask for this a few times this week already - this should be done & handed up!


Our main areas of focus over the next two weeks before your papers arrive will be:

a) Portraiture - detail, backgrounds, timing
b) Still life - The personal creative response section (including detail)
c) TEXT styles for the Craftwork section of the exam ( lettering styles for mock exams lacked originality, detail and interest so this is an area that needs focus)

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