Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Junior Cert. art Project UPDATE

Wed. 6th of Jan

Following the disappointing start to the year today with only a few students brining in their sketch pad and project  I just want to remind everyone that it is VITAL that you bring in your art pads and remaining 3D prep (finished!) sheet tomorrow first class (Thurs 7th Jan) - I will be signing journals if anyone arrives into class without it and referring this onto tutors. 

I will go through the 3D final piece with each student tomorrow in more detail but it is important that YOU arrive to class prepared and ready to work.  Some students have still not handed in their 3D prep sheet which was due in on 17th of Dec (three weeks ago).  I asked anyone who was behind with the project work to remember to catch up on project work over the break and have everything up to date this week. 

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