Thursday, 17 September 2015

T.Y Art - course content 2015/16

Junk Kouture  - working in teams to design, create & make a garment/dress/ outfit entirely from recycled materials – photoshoot & promoting your design - A National competition.


Design & Sculpture – Wire – Working in groups to design, create and build a 3D sculpture/model from the theme.


Simon Community Project – Designing, creating, making 12 unique professional Christmas cards (your own original designs) alongside DESIGNACARD.IE to sell to within local community/school. 



Large Scale Portrait Paintings – Students design, draw & create huge wall hangings – portraits – using acrylic paints & canvas which will be displayed around the school. Using photography as a starting point.


  • Christmas Market - Designing DIY artwork, prodcuts & gifts to sell at a stall in the school TY Christmas market

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