Monday, 21 September 2015

Leaving Certs homework:

Monday 21st Sept.

I am collecting the RESEARCH sheets for the project today - please bring it with you tomorrow (tues 22nd) if you forgot it today - as today we are doing art history - It is VERY important that you are brining in your work on time & meeting deadlines.

For homework - This will be collected this Thursday I want you to do this exam paper ART HISTORY questions -

2015 - Higher Level

Q.8. a) The creators of Gothic churches and cathedrals used architecture, sculpture and stained glass
to communicate ideas about the power of the church as well as about the story of
b) Discuss this statement with reference to a named Gothic church or cathedral.
Briefly describe and discuss the treatment of the human figure in a named Gothic sculpture.
Illustrate your answer.


A) Discussion of statement. 10
B) Discussion of named Gothic church or cathedral with reference to architecture, sculpture and stained glass. 15  - (5 for name 10 for discussion)
C) Named Gothic sculpture and brief description and discussion on the treatment of the human figure. 15 - 5 for name (10 for description & discussion)
D) Sketches. 10

Total 50marks

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