Friday, 15 May 2015

Leaving Cert. - REMINDERS:

Homework for Friday - Answer the short Q's  I have you no.1-5 on Manet.  - I will take these up Friday class 8.

  • Please read through the handouts with the notes that I gave you on Thursday & the handout with the guidelines with what came up in previous exam Q's. Art history is not something you can 'predict' or take a 'gamble' with what might come up so prepare everything that I have given you for the IRISH. E.U & ART APPRECIATION SECTIONS.... If anyone needs to ask me anything or needs extra help then email me on

  • On Friday we are going to work on impressionist artist 'MONET' and I will give you some short Q's to complete over the weekend as well as a past exam paper Q. on Romanesque & Gothic to have done for me by Monday. 

  • Next week we will be revising the the sections you asked me to prioritize - Gothic cathedrals, stained glass windows and Romanesque - I will be giving you a couple of past exam paper questions to have ready for me each day.  If there is anything other section you would like to go through please let me know as time is running out.  The last week of school the exams will be taking place but I will be taking you for class as normal so please come to each class with your art history folders, notes and books.  Again, it is very important that you let me know if you notice you are missing any note & I can get them for you asap.


As I mentioned in class on Thursday it is EXTREMELY important that you all go through your notes and make you that if you had missed anything that you have updated your notes - I have the notes on this blog under the section 'art history' so have a look through it & take what you need.

Art history is 37.5% of you OVERALL ART EXAM so it is very important and as I said 'make or break' as it is 150 marks so it is very important that careful revision has started.

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