Monday, 18 May 2015

Leaving Cert homework for Wed. 20th May

Complete the following exam paper Q. for WED 20th May - Also if you can bring in the 2011 Q.1 essay I gave you on Friday to have done for today (Monday) please bring it in on Wed. as I only recieved two essays (Karolina & Katie)

2008) Describe and discuss the development of gothic architecture from the 12-16th century making reference to the three illustrations on the accompanying sheet.  In your answer name the building and refer to its structure, decoration and style.  Illustrate your answer.

Marking Scheme:

A Discussion of development of Gothic architecture 15 
B Names of the three illustrated cathedrals 10 
C Reference to structure, decoration and style of the illustrated cathedrals 20 
D Sketches
Total 50

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