Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Leaving Cert. Homework for Thursday 21st May

The following past exam paper question on Gothic cathedral & Stained glass has to be completed for Thursday 21st May.  I will collect these at the start of the class.  Can everyone please make sure they have their revision notebooks, folders and art history books to every Art class.
If anyone is absent or is missing any notes you will find them in the ART HISTORY section of this blog - otherwise you can contact me directly on

2006) -Higher Level 

Q,8. The façade of a Gothic cathedral must have made a powerful impression on approaching worshippers. Discuss this statement with reference to one named Gothic cathedral you have studied. In your discussion refer to architectural features and sculptural decoration. and Briefly describe the role of stained-glass in a Gothic cathedral. Illustrate your answer.

Marking scheme for 2006 Q.8:

A Detailed discussion of work illustrated Plan/design - theme - composition- use of colour - technique 25 
B Name Gothic Cathedral
C The contribution of stained glass to the impact of named Gothic cathedral 15
D Sketches


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