Thursday, 7 May 2015

Homework & Deadlines (Thursday 7th May)

1st Year Art - Well done to everyone so far with their 'Textile & Materials' final piece...the work is looking fantastic, the deadline for this is next Wednesday 13th May.  As discussed this project will count as 50% of your summer art exam. 

2nd Year Art - Deadline for Book craft is next Thursday 14th May - this counts as a % of your summer exam & as discussed I will deduct marks for anyone handing this up LATE unless you have a note from home & have missed a considerable amount of time.

3rd Year - Congratulations on completing your ART EXAM!!!!! Well done to everyone for your hard work & commitment throughout the year.

5th Year - Continuing with your FINAL POSTER & DEVELOPMENT SHEET ....... Deadline next week, we are only using the 5 hours class time in preparation of only having this amount of time in the craft-work Leaving Cert. exam next year, it is vital that everyone keeps to the 5 hours designated for this project due in next week.  Do NOT complete any parts of this project at home, to be done within class time only.
As discussed, some of this project will make up marks for your summer art exam & the rest will be an art history exam.

Leaving Cert - As your practical exams are now over we are focusing on ART HISTORY for the next three weeks  - this counts for 37.5% of your overall art exam which is a considerable amount & as discussed it is very important that everyone is revising continuously. It is also extremely important that everyone comes to class prepared, with their art history books, copies, folders with notes.  I will collect all of these this Friday 8th of May class 8 & give back to you on Monday first class.  It is VITAL that you have all of your notes up to date & organized into your folder into the three sections - IRISH ART - E.U ART - ART APPRECIATON

Homework  - 2014 exam paper question Q.16 - due in this Friday 8th of May. 

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