Monday, 9 March 2015

L.cert - Homework - Texture & Print background ideas

Try experimenting with textures and print to create some interesting background ideas for your STILL LIFE exam and these could also for the poster.   You can use a wide range of materials, fabrics, lace, doilies, leaves, bubble wrap, masking tape, textured surfaces, stencils etc ....You can also mix and match the colours which can be built up in layers and use sprays in order to achieve a unique look. Experimenting will take time, so be patient and try a good VARIETY of ideas.
Ultimately you want to choose the design/print and colour scheme that COMPLIMENTS your drawings (the 4-5 still life objects) rather than distracts from them.  If you decide to make stencil (from cardboard) make sure that you can make it at the start of the exam - 10min max to this.  You can also use spray paints, watercolours or watered down acrylics as well as fabrics, textiles, collage throughout your piece but be aware of drying time, this is extremely important as the work MUST be fully dry before placing into the exam envelope. 
For homework - if you are finished drawing your object I want you to experiment with mini background ideas using a range of materials  - try some ideas I have added below.
Have a look at some of these ideas for inspiration:

Using lace materials or doilies

A mix of bubble wrap, dolies, lace, stencils to create lots of interesting prints

Using a stencil in a design to use all over 

Place the lace onto the sheet and simply spray 

Using a doily and paint/spray

Doilies and sprunges to create beautiful prints

Paint leaves and print onto your sheet - you can use different colours & leaves in lots of different shapes & sizes

Leaf prints

Leaf prints

Using a stencil to create different drinks


Rest string or objects or masking tape on your sheet and spray/paint over it then remove the objects

Bubble wrap to create patterns & layering paints

Layering paints to combine a range of complimenting colours & using stencils throughout in certain areas

You could add a design, print or stencil to just one area of your still life if you are pushed for time this might look effective but will also take less time.

Stencils cut out of cardboard

Cardboard cut into different shapes which could be used as a stencil

Designs using stencils and spray paint

Stencil designs

Textured papers

Gradient background (light to dark) & stencils

Stencils and painting over it using different colours
Using masking tape
Masking Tape

Using Masking tape
Use objects to create a unique print

Glue  range of fabrics like wool, net, materials to  round (toilet roll?) shape & use to roll on

    Some colourful vibrant colour scheme

Feather prints

Using rollers to build up colours and print deigns


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