Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Junior Cert Art Exam 2014/15


Dates &Deadlines


This exam is 75% of your Junior Cert Art Examination 300 marks

Drawing exams that take place in May are 25% of Art exam 100marks



Timeframe to work within:

Junior Cert’s have Art twice a week –

Tues – Double class

Wed – Single class

Friday – Single class


Important Dates to remember:

Received project Tue 2nd Oct 2013 at 3.15


1)    Oct Wed 2ndStart project

2)    Oct Wed 22ndPrep for painting

3)    Nov Tues 18th     – Final piece

4)    Dec Tues 2nd – Artist for first two pieces

5)    Dec Tues 16th   – Prep for 3D

6)    Jan Tues 13th – Final 3D final piece

7)    Jan Tues 27th    – Prep sheet for option – Book craft

8)    Feb Tues 17th   – Final piece for bookcraft

9)    March Tues 10th  – two artists – 3D artist & Book-craft artist (both on the same A2 size sheet)




Deadline for project is –March 31st – All work must be complete by this date – no extensions can be given.



Drawing exam – still life (object drawing) & Portrait drawing take place the first week in May ( Date to be confirmed). 100 marks – 50marks each.


After project is completed on March 31st will concentrate on Still life drawing & portrait drawing in preparation for the drawing exams in May.


Deadlines MUST be met and work handed in on time, this is an exam there are no extensions or extra time given. If work is not being done on time I will let your tutors & year head know, if this persists parents will be contacted.


Check List for Junior Cert Project


1)    Prep sheet for painting

2)    Completed painting

3)    Support studies for painting

4)    3D prep sheet

5)    3D final piece

6)    Prep sheet for Option

7)    Completed Option

8)    Support Studies for Option & 3D


9)    Still life drawing – exam takes place in May


10) Portrait drawing – exam takes place in May


Marking :

The project is 300marks – 75%

The portrait drawing is 50 marks – 25% for the two drawing exams

The still life drawing is 50marks

Total : 400marks




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