Thursday, 16 October 2014

Homework: All Year groups -

1st Year - On Mon & Wed next week we will finish off your cartoon./caricatures so if you do not have this fully drawn out onto the A2 size paper (large) please do so before Monday.

2nd Year - Continue to develop your 3D prep sheet, remember the deadline is next Thursday 23rd Nov. - Everyone should have 5-6 drawings complete so far & as I said today more use of materials is needed.

3rd Year - Continue with PREP SHEET for final piece - Deadline is Wed 22nd Nov. 10 drawings need to be completely finished by this date.  Make sure to show variety in your work, pencil, paint, materials, typography, pencil sketches etc etc....and in a variety of sizes.

5th Year  - Drawing of the eyes - (seen below) in sketchpads - focus on detail/shading.
Any posters that still need to be handed up please bring in tomorrow as well as the Jack B Yeats essays.

6th Year - Deadline for final poster is Wed 22nd Nov - I want everyone to hand up 1) research sheet 2) Development sheet 3) Final poster on this date.  If it is not handed up on time, unless you give me a note from home with a reason it is an automatic fail. 

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