Friday, 13 September 2013

MaghART group starting Thursday 19th Sept. -

Here are some of the projects we will be starting with on Thursday 19th Sept. 1.30 - 2.00 room 7 (art room)...... Please come to rrom 7 to sign up in advance so miss mc Daid knows how many to expect.

One for the girls!!! A statement necklace made using piastashio nuts!!!What you need: 1) pistachio nuts 2) acrylic paint 3) card board/felt 4) an old chain.
Using old CD's to make a photo frame - What you will need for this class: 1) A couple of Old Cd's (depends how large you want to make the frame which you will need to soak in boiling water overnight 2) Cardboard 3)PVA Glue 4) Scissors to cut up the CD's

Making a shell photo frame:- What you will need: 1) cardboard 2)collect old shells & wash them overnight & bring in to school 3) PVA Glue 4) Acrylic paint (if you would like to paint over some of the shells to add some colour)

Try different shaped frames......for eg. this heart shaped frame - you will cut the cardboard into a heart shape. Why not design and create your own unique shape!

Here I have painted over the CD cutting to add some colour - this can also be done using markers. This might work nicely for the photo frame.

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