Monday, 16 September 2013

Competition time!!! Design a Cover for mental Health Ireland...

Competition Time!!!

Design a Cover Art project 2013-14

A mental Health Ireland project for secondary school students. Win €250. An Art project organised by Mental Health Ireland (MHI) to design an image which reflects positive mental health.

PRIZE: Overall winner shall receive €250.The theme of the project is: Positive Mental HealthGuidelines for entry are:

.1 The project is open to all students at secondary school level.
2. There is NO entry fee.
3. Only individual entries will be accepted (no group work)
4. The theme is Positive Mental Health
5. The entry should reflect the artists vision of positive mental health.
6. Entries must be submitted on LANDSCAPE on A4 size white card in oil,watercolour, crayon or inks.
7. Each entry must be original and should include in BLOCK CAPITALS the students name, age, schools name & address.  A caption/title for your entry must be included.
8. enteries will not be returned after competition.
9. Do not roll the work, fold or frame, must be in flat format only.
10. The CLOSING DATE is Friday 6th December 2013 & sent to:
Design A Cover Art Project.
Mental Health Ireland,Mensana House,
2 Marine Terrace,
Dun Laoghaire,
Co.Dublin   _____________________________________________________

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